Baku/13.05.20/ Turan: Justice should be the leading idea in any healthy society.  Injustice destroys people's trust, creating big problems. Therefore, justice must be established in all areas. This was announced on Wednesday by head of state Ilham Aliyev during a video conference with the new head of the executive branch of the Kalbajar region.

This year, about 8 thousand apartments will be provided to internally displaced persons.

There must be complete transparency in this. The State Committee for Refugees and local executive bodies must work together. The lists of displaced forces must be accurate, because in previous years, this accounting was not conducted poorly, but according to other sources, this was done on purpose. Investigations and inspections show that in some cases, those without the status of displaced persons live in houses built for people of this category, Aliyev said.

“Recently I was informed that 20% of those living in one of these buildings are not displaced at all. How did they get there? Who registered them and settled them there? The state bodies did this in exchange for something,” the head of state said.

Continuing his indignant speech, he noted that there were many other negative cases in the distribution of apartments. “I was told that in some cases they took money from displaced persons, although the state provides free housing. These facts are also being investigated.”

“I have said several times that the fight against negative phenomena, bribery and corruption will be merciless. Five heads of executive power have already been arrested, and everyone has seen it. To take the bread from the poor is the greatest crime. The state allocates money to during a pandemic, to those who have lost their jobs; how can these funds be appropriated? ”

Millions of manats were allocated for the demolition of dilapidated housing and the construction of new buildings in their place. “But then it turns out that they took money from people to whom the state provided apartments in these buildings. The amount of misappropriated sum is being investigated. At every step - a crime, at every step - bribes. We must end this!"   Negative facts occur not only in local authorities, but also in central executive bodies. “I have repeatedly warned to stop this, but many thought that it was not their concern and now they are paying for it,” Ilham Aliyev finished his emotional monologue. -03D-


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