Mass Arrests and Dismissals in Turkey

The Turkish authorities removed from their posts 8 thousand police officers, according to Reuters. The police were fired because of alleged links with the attempt of a military coup in the country

Previously, for the same reason the Supreme Council of Judges and Prosecutors in Turkey reported the dismissal of 2,745 judges, and the order for their detention was given later. In addition, ten representatives of the Supreme Administrative Court have been arrested. Another 140 representatives of the Supreme Court were declared wanted.

Also, the authorities reported the arrest of 6 thousand military suspected of involvement in the coup attempt. Among them, there are more than 70 generals and admirals, including the former commander of the Air Forces of Turkey Akin Ozturk.

Rebels on Saturday night July 16 took over the building of the General Staff in Ankara, and blocked two bridges over the Bosporus in Istanbul. In the clashes, according to recent data, 290 people were killed and 1,400 were wounded.

On July 17 Ankara announced the restoration of government control over the entire country.

Against this backdrop, total hysteria is going on in Turkey, becoming more and more of religious character. Under the slogans of the struggle for democracy, the Islamists scoff and insult the military. The social networks have video footage of the generals and officers beaten during the arrest, with their public humiliation and even lynching.

According to local sources, in all these excesses an active role is played not only by religious radicals, but also by refugees from Syria, which once were sheltered by Erdogan and were given Turkish citizenship. -02D-

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