NGO Sues Ministry of Justice

The Ministry of Justice has once again refused to register the Democracy and Prosperity Movement of Azerbaijan (headed by the renowned economist Gubad Ibadoglu).

In its reply the Ministry of Justice said the reason for the refusal was the fact that the organization’s Charter does not specify the rules of adoption of the Charter, its changes and corrections.

The Movement’s spokesman Rovshan Damirli said the Ministry of Justice returned the documents for the third time. "Why, when they returned the documents for the first and for the second time, did they not indicate these shortcomings?" he said.

All this gives reason to believe that this is just an excuse not to record the Movement. "Therefore, we will no longer appeal to the Ministry of Justice and we will go to court," said Damirli.

Given that it is impossible to achieve justice in local courts, the Movement is going to reach the European Court of Human Rights.  -03D-

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