PFPA - Authorities are preparing the arrest of Ali Kerimli

Baku/02.05.20/Turan: Azerbaijani authorities continue repressions against the Popular Front party, with the goal of arresting its leader Ali Kerimli, reads the statement by the Popular Front Party, circulated on May 2.

The repressions that began after Ilham Aliyev’s public appeals on March 19 and April 14 for reprisals against “enemies of the people” led to the arrest of 12 party activists.

Kerimli's telephones and the Internet were blocked, and the journalists who visited him were subjected to arrests and threats.

Testimonies against Karimli were obtained by force of those under arrest under torture.

On May 1, it became known that activist Niyameddin Ahmedov reported the torture. After that, he was taken from a pre-trial detention center and taken to the State Security Service, where a lawsuit was filed against him under an article that was not yet known.

On the same day, journalist and activist Saadiyat Jahangir was actually abducted from her home. At the same time, the prosecutor’s office fraudulently entered her apartment, searched, took her personal money, a computer and a phone.

She was not allowed to call a lawyer and was questioned at the Investigative Department of the Serious Crimes Prosecutor's Office for 8 hours.

They tried to force her to give testimony against the leader of the Popular Front Party, about allegedly the party’s relations with persons who had nothing to do with the Popular Front Party. 

"All this indicates that law enforcement agencies received an order from the authorities and there is no doubt that the authorities are preparing to arrest the Popular Front Party leader Ali Karimli on far-fetched charges," the party said in a statement.

PFPA calls on the local and international community do not remain indifferent to these illegal actions of the Azerbaijani authorities. -02D-


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