We appreciate Azerbaijan's help, but expect more - Zelensky

Baku/23.04.22/Turan: Azerbaijan provides humanitarian assistance to Ukraine and takes a neutral position in Russia's war against Ukraine. This was announced on Saturday evening at a press conference in Kyiv by President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky.

“Turkey shows that it wants to be a leader among the countries that mediate in negotiations with Russia. Turkey openly says that it wants to be among the countries-guarantors of Ukraine's security.

So far, I have not heard this from Azerbaijan, but I want to say that President Aliyev has always supported Ukraine. There was humanitarian aid, medical assistance.

I think that today it is difficult for Azerbaijan to provide assistance to Ukraine with weapons. This can be understood, because they have Nagorno-Karabakh problem.

Azerbaijan is one of the very few countries whose position, whose neutrality we understand, because war may flare up there again. But anyway, we are waiting, waiting for more,” Zelensky said.

Continuing the theme of the war in Ukraine, he noted that Russia did not show such military barbarism in other wars on the territory of other countries. This was not the case in any war of recent decades.

“The mission to stop all this fell to Ukraine, with the lives of Ukrainians. Therefore, your countries should help us more. Because you know, such proverb:  when finish with us, they will come after you.” -02D-


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