Charges to the editor changed

Baku/06.12.18/Turan: website editor Anar Mammadov was summoned to the Baku prosecutor"s office today. The investigation has changed the content of the charges made to him earlier.

In particular, the wording was withdrawn from the charge that the crimes imputed to him were carried out in a group of persons.

On July 9, the Prosecutor General"s Office filed a lawsuit on the dissemination of "false information" and "illegal appeals" to the Internet in connection with the assassination attempt on the head of Ganja Elmar Veliyev and the energy blackout in Mingachevir, when almost all of Azerbaijan was left without power supply.

After that, the prosecutor's office appealed to the Ministry of Communications to block the sites "", "", "" and "".

November 30, Mamedov was transferred to the status of the accused. In particular, he was charged under the Criminal Code Articles: 281.2 (appeals against the state), 309.2 (abuse of office) and 313 (official forgery) of the Criminal Code.

Similar accusations have also been brought against Mustafa Hajibeyli, editor of -05B06-

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