Palace of Culture refused to provide Hall for the Musavat Party

Baku/06.12.18/Turan: The leadership of the Palace of Culture named after Sattar Bahlulzade refused to provide the Musavat Party with space for a solemn event on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the establishment of the Parliament of the Azerbaijan Republican People's Republic (APR), announced Arif Hajili, the head of the Musavat Party.

He regarded the deprivation of the party of the opportunity to hold the anniversary celebration, as pressure from the authorities on Musavat and a zealous attitude to the history of the Academy of Sciences.

Now the party will hold the event on December 7 at 15:00 in its headquarters, where seats are limited in the assembly hall.

The leadership of the Palace of Culture did not comment in any way on the reasons for the refusal to provide the Musavat Party hall. -05B06-

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