Doctors Record Numerous Injuries on Mehman Huseynov

Baku / 29.12.19 / Turan: During a medical examination in the city clinical center number 1, blogger Mehman Huseynov was revealed numerous bodily injuries on his neck, ribs, arms and legs. This is the result of his brutal beating by the police on December 27.

The day before, he also underwent examination in a private clinic, where he was discovered a blood clot on his leg. In this regard, he must go through an additional Doppler Ultrasound.

On Monday, Huseynov will appeal to the prosecutor’s office about the actions of the police.

Huseynov was detained late in the evening on December 27 by police in central Baku during a protest rally against the arrest of rapper Paster (Parviz Guluzadeh). He was taken out of town and severely beaten.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs confirmed the detention of Huseynov “for holding an uncoordinated action and violation of the rest of citizens”, but denied the fact of beating.   -06B-


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