Xanlar Vəliyev

Xanlar Vəliyev

Baku / 25.01.19 / Turan: In 2018, 99.2% of crimes were disclosed in the Azerbaijani Armed Forces, said today the country's military prosecutor Khanlar Veliyev at an expanded meeting of the board of the department.

Compared to 2017, last year the number of crimes decreased by 12.6%. At the same time, crimes against military service decreased by 4%., not military crimes - 34.3%., Crimes not posing a great public danger - 4.6%, not very serious crimes - 2.8%, serious crimes - 48.6%.

The number of deaths due to illness has decreased by 40%, from the enemy bullet - 64.7%.

Corruption offenses decreased by 43.6%. , receiving and giving bribes - by 15.5%.

The Supreme Court, files lawsuits on any crimes regardless of the reasons.

Intentional killings decreased by 61.5%, suicides - by 23, 1%.

Veliyev assured that measures to combat crime in the army will continue resolutely. -06D--

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