Media Review December 18, 2019

The place of Azerbaijan among strong states, the owners of greenhouses asking to lower gas prices, and the problem of object insurance are the topics of today's media.

The newspaper Azerbaijan writes that our country is considered the most reformist among the powerful states. This is stated in the reports of international economic forums, rating organizations.

In particular, in the American magazine U.S. News & World Report, Azerbaijan ranked 45th among 80 countries in the ranking of the most powerful states.

When compiling the rating, the economic condition of the country, military power, the circle of political influence, world leadership, and membership in international organizations were taken into account.

The website writes about the problems of the owners of greenhouses in connection with the debt on gas. They are asking for concessions.

In Salyan the other day, the executive branch held a meeting on this issue with the participation of almost 50 owners of greenhouses. A similar meeting previously took place in Shamkir and the Khazar district of the capital. Part of the issues discussed has found its solution.

The website writes about serious problems in the matter of insurance of facilities against the background of frequent fires. Experts say that the owners of shopping centers are some individuals who rent out the property. There is no lease between the owners of the property and its tenants. The parties agree verbally, while the question of tax evasion and insurance contracts arises.


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