Media Review October 12, 2018

The creation of modern transport infrastructure, the stability of the manat rate, and the decline in population growth are the themes of today's media.

The Azerbaijan newspaper writes about the development of modern transport infrastructure in the country, including the North-South and Trans-Caspian transport corridors, and the historic Silk Way.

It also speaks of the successful work on the Baku-Yalama and Baku-Gabala railway projects, and the early completion of the Baku-Ganja high-speed train project.

The newspaper Novoye Vremya writes about the stability of the manat and the dollar rush. The demand for dollars observed in mid-summer was associated with speculative demand.

Today, rising oil prices continue to maintain the stability of the national currency, and the government and the Central Bank do not show a desire to change the manat rate.

The website of the newspaper Azadlig, writes about the decrease in the natural population growth in the country. Expert Gubad Ibadoglu notes that since 1989 the country's population has increased by 40%.

However, since 2011, the natural population growth began to decrease. Thus, in 2011, natural growth decreased by 122,310 people, in 2012 - by 119,452 people, in 2013 - by 118,288 people, in 2014 - by 114,855 people, in 2015 - by 111,513 people, in 2016 - by 102,816 people, and in 2017 - by 86,932 people. One of the reasons for the increase in mortality since 2015 is the complication of living conditions and migration.--0--

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