Parents Complain, Director Denies

Baku / 10.01.19 / Turan: After the gas explosion occurred in the Soviet Street area of massive house demolition the day before, the supply of gas and water was stopped there.

Among the facilities temporarily deprived of electricity, water and gas supply is the Baku European Lyceum located nearby. Turan was informed by the parents of the schoolchildren.

According to them, gas and water are not served at school for two days and therefore the school is not heated. They claim that due to the demolition of buildings in the area gas and water supply is turned off periodically.

The parents also fear that the explosion and the general mass work on the dismantling of buildings in this area will affect the sustainability of the building, which was built 70-80 years ago.

However, the director of the educational institution Zulfiya Veysova, in an interview with Turan, refuted the information about the Lyceum being disconnected from the life support services.

"Now the school is working in normal conditions, there is electricity, water and gas, the rooms are heated, and the supply is 100%," said the director.

At the same time, she acknowledged that "on the day of the explosion there was an hour-long power outage, during the first two lessons in the first building."

According to the director, after her contact with the relevant services, the power supply was restored.

She also said that after the explosion, representatives from the Emergencies Ministry, Azerigaz and other services also visited the school to assess the situation.

According to Veysova, there are no obstacles to the continuation of the educational process.

Recall that three people were killed in the explosion at 40 Tolstoy Street on the night of January 9. According to preliminary information, the cause of the explosion was a gas leak. -0--

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