Appeal to Azerbaijani journalists

Thank you very much, representatives of the fourth power. While the country has independent media and courageous journalists, we have a chance to defend the truth!

You were with me in the terrible night from 28 to 29 April. You continue to monitor the situation of legal arbitrariness on the part of the investigator and on the part of the non-governmental Unibank lately.

Today, May 15, 2014 we go from defense on the offensive. And how could we advance without fire support by "heavy artillery" - the support from our journalists?

Our best lawyers complained to the Nasimi District Court about the following offenses against Leyla and Arif Yunusov:

1) Illegal actions of the investigators of the Office for Serious Crimes Prosecutor General Ibrahim Lemberansky and Co in the arbitrary detention of us at the airport on 28 April and conducting an illegal search .

2) Illegal searches in the apartments in Nizami Street and Narimanov Avenue. Refusal to provide copies of three protocols of three searches; search of the personal belongings and searched at the airport in two apartments.

3) Illegal removal of the passports of Leyla and Arif Yunusov in the airport on April 28, which still have not been returned.

4) Illegal seizure of documents - technical passports and bills of sale of flats, including the house at Shamsi Badalbayli 38 demolished in August 2011, for which H. Abutalibov refuses to pay 178,000 manat. This is the amount specified in the judgment by the courts of all levels, including the Supreme Court of the Republic of Azerbaijan. Decisions of the courts are completely ignored by H. Abutalibov.

5) The inhumane and degrading treatment during 26 hours of so-called investigations against L & A Yunusovs on 28-29 April 2014.

6) Apply to a court against the law violations by Unibank.

The hearing on the first request will take place in the Nasimi district court (judge Emin Mehdiyev) on May 16 at 16:00.

Dear journalists, come to the Nasimi Court on May 16 at 16:00.

Support us with heavy fire of your "artillery"!

Your Leyla Yunus . -0 –

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