New Structure of Ministry of Culture and Tourism Bears Regional Character

By the order of the President of Azerbaijan, the structure of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism has changed. Its regional and city departments have been combined on a regional basis.

In total, taking into account the Main Directorate of Culture and Tourism of Baku, 16 regional offices have been created.

The decision was made in compliance with the Concept of Culture of Azerbaijan approved in February 2014 in order to create a transparent and effective system of management in the sphere of culture.

Since January 2017 the Ministry of Culture and Tourism will move to a centralized system of financing.

In 2016, from the 137.7 million AZN to finance culture and art 65.1 million AZN is to be allocated from the funds of local budgets.

It should be noted that prior to this the structure of the Ministry of Taxes and the Ministry of Emergency Situations was formed on a regional basis.

An attempt was made to implement the same in the field of education, but it proved to be impossible for some reason. - 08D-

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