State Standards for Several Food Products Approved

The State Committee for Standardization, Metrology and Patents has approved ( five national standards of food products (pomegranates, wheat flour, olive oil, butter, chocolate and chocolate products).

The standard for pomegranates (Punica granatum) AZS 810-2015 (CODEX STAN 310-2013) applies only to those packaged for sale to consumers of the commercial products

Pomegranates in their quality characteristics are divided into three groups (Extra, first and second grade). The standard also establishes requirements for calibration, labeling and allowable levels of pollution, packaging and hygiene.

Also approved are standards for the concentration of veterinary drugs in food products (AZS 841-2015 (CAC / MRL-2-2015), the general principles of food hygiene (AZS 842-2015 (CAC / RCP1-2015), and information on food products to consumers (AZS 843-2015 (GOST R 51074-2003).

All the standards were developed on the basis of the translation of the international, European and Russian standards. ---- 08D

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