Blogger Mehman Huseynov Abducted and Beaten by Police

Baku / 28.12.19 / Turan: Late at night on December 27, the well-known blogger and former political prisoner, Mehman Huseynov, was captured by a police squad and taken to an unknown destination. This happened on a street in the city center in the presence of numerous witnesses and colleagues of Mehman a few minutes after he held a solo protest demanding the release of rapper Paster. He was pushed into a car, arms twisted. The police did not give any explanations.

Only in the morning it became known that Mehman was beaten in the car, and then left in a wasteland on the outskirts of the city.

The blogger turned to doctors for help and for fixing the signs of violence.

During the medical examination, numerous bruises and abrasions were recorded on his body.

It is not difficult to say how to explain the behavior of the police: in recent days, Mehman Huseynov has again become an ardent critic of the authorities in social networks, where he scolded the fraud of the recent municipal elections, as well as the arrest of the rapper under the pseudonym Paster (Parviz Guluzadeh), another critic of the authorities who was arrested for 30 days.

M. Huseynov has also nominated himself as a candidate for MP.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs does not give any explanation about the abduction of Mehman Huseynov. -02B-


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