Steinmeier: maintaining the status quo does not guarantee against a new war in Karabakh

The tension in the Karabakh conflict  in April has shown the fragility of the ceasefire, said today in Baku  the OSCE Chairman, Russian Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier.

"We must make every effort to use all the ingredients and demand  strengthening the ceasefire. We need a compromise proposal to resolve the conflict. We want the conflict to be resolved constructively and should use the St. Petersburg meeting to continue negotiations," said Steinmeier. He acknowledged that "rapid solution to the conflict is not real." He also stressed that the status quo does not guarantee security.

"Maintaining the status quo does not give any guarantees that there will be a new explosion of tension in the region. We, as the OSCE chairman, discussed political solutions to the problem with the parties to the conflict. Events in April showed that the role of the OSCE in the settlement of the conflict is very important. We have  obtained a cease-fire," added Steinmeier. —03/06В--

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