Rasul Jafarov named the reasons for his arrest

Located in Baku Prison Number 1 activist Rasul Jafarov does not complain about health problems and conditions of detention, but does not agree with the charges against him. On this he said through his lawyer to answer the request by the Voice of America​​.  

On the question of whether he is satisfied with the conditions of detention in jail, Jafarov said: "I have no complaints about the conditions of detention and treatment of me. As a human rights advocate, I willy-nilly spend my time monitoring and when the time comes, I will share my observations," said Jafarov.

Responding to a question about the real motives of his prosecution, Jafarov said he was arrested for 4 main reasons: for the projects realized since 2011; for the constant focus on the problem of political prisoners; for holding a flash mob during PACE summer session in Strasbourg; because of the threat of an advocacy campaign for the upcoming European games.

On the question whether Jafarov is satisfied with the campaign in his defense by the local and international democratic community, he replied: "Yes, I am satisfied. There is a series of actions, which are not made ​​public, but such activities must not be weakened."

What does Jafarov think of the possible customers of his arrest?

"In contrast to those, who give instructions to our arrests and execute them, we do not live for revenge. For us it is important to ensure the rule of law, justice, and the accession of other democratic principles. We will continue to work in this direction," said Jafarov.

* Jafarov was arrested on 2 August. He was charged under articles 192 (illegal business), 213 (tax evasion) and 308 (abuse of power). He denies the charges and says they are politically motivated.

Human Rights Watch recognized him "a prisoner of conscience." -06D-

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