Media Review November 26, 2018

Azerbaijan"s loyalty to multicultural values, falling oil prices, the struggle for democratization, and a look at the elimination of Bank Standard are the leading topics of today's media.

The newspaper Azerbaijan writes about the loyalty of Azerbaijan to multicultural traditions. The author believes that the demonstration of respect for national, moral and religious values ​​is a necessity.

Without a multicultural society, humanism, relations at the international level, mutual understanding between people, friendship and cooperation are impossible. In Azerbaijan, multiculturalism is a way of life that has no alternative.

The website talks about whether the fall in oil prices could lead to another devaluation of the manat. Expert Rovshan Agayev believes that if the price of oil drops to $ 50, this will be a signal for Azerbaijan, since there will be a problem in regulating the commodity balance, that is, the inflow of currency will be less than its outflow.

Serious problems will appear if the price drops to 40-35 dollars. However, the government has a reserve; after the increase in the price of oil the reserves of the Oil Fund were replenished to 4 billion dollars. Serious problems for the Azerbaijani manat may appear if for a long time the price of oil stays below $ 50.

The website writes about the process of democratization in Azerbaijan, which lasts endlessly long. The author considers the reasons for this process. Often people complain that despite the struggle for democracy, this process does not lead to the desired result. As a result, the "virus" of hopelessness begins to spread. At the same time, the author believes that most of this difficult journey has already been covered.

The website sharply criticizes the Deposit Insurance Fund in connection with the liquidated Bank Standard. Akram Hasanov talks about the next meeting of the Creditors' Committee, of which he is chairman.

The Bank Standard liquidator is the Deposit Insurance Fund, but its activities run counter to the interests of creditors and depositors, and therefore are considered unsatisfactory. Akram Hasanov argues that the liquidation of the bank goes without a plan and spontaneously.

The sale of the bank"s property at the auction is also delaying. In addition, the completion of the bank"s liquidation will not be in 2019, as envisaged, but in 2021.

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