The health of Ogtay Gyulalyev noticeably improves

Baku / 30.01.20 / Turan: The health of the human rights activist Ogtay Gyulalyev after a draining operation to eliminate hydrocephalus (dropsy of the brain) is improving. The operation was performed on January 10 at the American hospital in Istanbul by Gyulaliyev’s attending physician, Dr. Mehdi Sasani.

“When I entered the ward, and Ogtay’s wife, Firuze Khanum said that Mehman came, Ogtay, who was sitting on the bed, surrounded with pillows, opened his eyes and there was a noticeable manifestation of emotions,” said Turan news agency’s director Mehman Aliyev, who visited Gyulalyev on January 29.

“I sat down beside him, took his hand and began to talk with him about different things - the situation in the country and in the human rights environment, and more. I joked at times. When I asked, ‘Can you hear me?’ he closed and opened his eyes and moved his left hand,” Aliyev continued.

He noted that Ogtay kept his eyes open for almost two hours, although a month ago a slight eye opening was considered an achievement. 

Dr. Sasani, who came to visit Gyulalyev surrounded by assistants, was pleased with the dynamics of improving Ogtay’s health.

He plucked Ogtay revealingly, and the patient reacted sharply with a manifestation of pain in his face. The doctor called Ogtay, and in response, the patient opened his eyes.

“In general, we are pleased with the course of treatment and hope that the dynamics of recovery will accelerate,” said Dr. Sasani.

Ogtay Gyulalyev was hit by a car when he was crossing the road to the green traffic light on October 29. On October 30, he underwent a surgical operation, which was 18 hours late, and this delay brought him to the brink of death.  

On November 5, at the initiative of the Heydar Aliyev Foundation, the human rights activist was sent to Turkey for treatment. The Heydar Aliyev Foundation also took over the financing of the treatment. -16D-


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