Improving Targeted Social Assistance

A decree on improving the system of targeted social assistance has been issued. Yesterday the country's president signed a document which stated that the centralized information system of the Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare should be a unified electronic subsystem of calls and appointments for targeted social assistance (VEMTAS).

The Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare is entrusted with the five-month reception of applications on paper or in electronic form for targeted social assistance on the principle of "single window" and with the necessary arrangements to obtain the relevant certificates in electronic form from government agencies . The Ministry is also requested to prepare and submit to the head of state proposals for the provision of official vehicles or appropriate compensation to employees of centers for social protection of the population of districts (cities), carrying out inspection of material living conditions of families that applied for targeted social assistance.

the Ministry of Communications and High Tech is instructed within three months to procure information kiosks, have the necessary technical capacity to supply references about getting targeted social assistance to install them in all post offices operating in the country, and to connect to the portal of "electronic government". It is also expected to provide equipment in conjunction with the Ministry of Labour and Social Protection of the mentioned special program stalls. The same agency is charged with ensuring free persons who have applied in electronic form for obtaining targeted social assistance, electronic signature, which may be used only for the e-services.--17D-

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