Why is it difficult to launch TANAP in time?

TANAP is a strategic project for Turkey and Azerbaijan, Kenan Yavuz, chief of SOCAR-Turkey Enerji A.S. company, told CNBC TV channel on December 15, 2012.

Yavuz added that the TANAP project is planned to begin in five years and operation of the pipeline will start in 2018.

TANAP project envisages transportation of gas from the Shah-Deniz to Europe via Turkey. Initial carrying capacity of the pipeline is expected to reach 16 billion cub.m. a year. About 6 billion cub.m. will be delivered to Turkey and the rest to Europe.

However, implementation of TANAP project is not easy. Beginning of the TANAP operation must be synchronized with putting into operation of the two pipelines – the expanded South Caucasian Pipeline (SCP) and the gas pipeline via which Azerbaijani gas from the Shah-Deniz field will be further transported to the European markets. Simultaneous launching of construction of three pipelines (with total length of about 3500 km) by separate consortia has the same goal -to transport Azerbaijani gas to the European market. Lagging behind the schedule in one project will mean failure of the entire project, including delay of TANAP. Therefore, it is hard to state exact date of launching of TANAP.—0--


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