To ensure the transparency of elections of the CEO of ITV

Four candidates apply for the post of Chief Director of the Public TV (ITV), and their names have been made public today by the National Broadcasting Council (NBC). They are: Camil Guliyev (head of "Culture" TV), Shamil Shafiev, Nijat Mustafayev (journalists), and Emin Huseynov (Director of the Institute for Reporters Freedom and Safety.)

Now, the Council is to elect, from these four candidates, a new Director General.

Meanwhile, one of the candidates, the Director of IRFS, Emin  Huseynov proposed a number of measures to ensure the transparency of the elections.

"Even before the announcement of candidates for the post of Director-General in the media, the name of the future CEO was mentioned.  This casts a shadow over the transparency of the elections.

To dispel these doubts I suggest holding public debates between the candidates and the election to take into account public opinion about the candidates, "- said Huseynov.

In particular, Huseynov sent a statement to members of the Broadcasting Council, candidates, and the European Broadcasting Union. Huseynov proposes to organize a live debate on ITV between the four candidates.

In his view, the candidates must present their programs, to have a debate, and answer questions from members of the council.

SMS-voting and online voting must be organized on the ITV. The Broadcasting Council should take preferences of TV viewers and Internet users into account. 

If Huseynov’s proposal for the debate on ITV is not allowed, he offers the competitors to hold online discussion on the "ObektivTV", "Radio Azadliq", and editorial offices of major state newspapers.

If this idea is not implemented, Huseynov intends to organize a vote among the users of the social network Facebook.

Formally, the Broadcasting Council is an independent body formed from among candidates proposed by the public, professional and creative organizations. However, in fact, only nine members of the Board are approved by the parliament, where the vast majority of MPs are supporters of the government.

It is expected that the CEO of the ITV will be elected this week. –06D- 


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