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- Arastun bey, was there a need for the creation of a new platform in the current situation? If so, what are the reasons that created it? Or is this a project?

Arastun Orujlu- "BİZ", i.e. "Unity is a Guarantee for Development" Civic Initiatives - as its name suggests, is a simple and neutral Internet platform for direct communication with citizens, conveying our thinking products to them, and learning their opinions. The need to create a platform arose from today's realities and requirements. The main goal is to contribute to the development of public consciousness and to achieve development together.

Let me note that this is not a project, it is our brain product, and the need for its creation is conditioned by the current situation in Azerbaijan. Along with the socio-political and socio-economic crisis in the country, the rapid collapse of the system of governance, the search for alternative ways out of this situation at a time when the law is paralyzed, work in this direction can be considered the main reasons for the creation of this platform. For this reason, as a number of well-known people in the country, we decided to create a free and independent platform for a broad discussion and exchange of views.

- As far as I know, among the creators of the platform, there are people with different views living in Azerbaijan, as well as abroad. Who are those people and how did you come together? What unites you?

- Yes, among the creators of the platform, there are people living in different countries, but all of them are connected to Azerbaijan and constantly contribute to the socio-political processes in the country. Their ideological views may be different; this does not concern us because we do not build a political organization based on a single ideological base. Therefore, different views will not create contradictions; on the contrary, they will lead to the formation of more diverse alternatives and the choice of the most important and appropriate for Azerbaijan. The main thing is that everyone is united in terms of the state responsibilities before us, which are to explore ways to overcome the situation, to develop appropriate plans and proposals, to try to turn Azerbaijan into a free and stable developing country within its territorial integrity. "BİZ" is united by moral values ​​and the principle of unity. "BİZ" is a platform for clear thoughts and ideas, preferring to build sincere and open relations with the people and share responsibilities.

If you are interested in who will be among the founders, let me say: Gubad Ibadoghlu, Ilham Ismayil, Gullu Jahangir, Arif Mammadov, Bakhtiyar Hajiyev, Rufat Safarov, Nasimi Mammadli, and I.

- What are the goals of the platform? What are your targets? Is this a political platform? In other words, do you have a claim to come to power, change the government?

- I have already mentioned this but I will clarify it on concrete examples with your permission. For example, we recently had a live exchange of views on Facebook about the fact that Azerbaijani lands are still under occupation. The main reason for this is that the situation in this area is extremely critical. Unfortunately, the government of Azerbaijan, whose territories have been occupied, is almost defensive in this matter and it has a weak defensive position, which both increases the confidence of the occupier and encourages it to behave more shamelessly. In addition, the Aliyev government does not want to inform the public about the composition and stage of the ongoing negotiations on the settlement of the conflict, although this is a major concern for the people. On top of it, the government is unequivocally signing some mysterious projects that serve the interests of the occupier. This, of course, requires that the issue be widely discussed. The situation is no different in other areas too, and the government does not consider itself accountable and responsible before the people. One of our goals is to change this behavior. To achieve this, increasing the activity of the society is one of the basic conditions.

- Do you consider cooperation with political parties and organizations in Azerbaijan, as well as with political figures and organizations abroad? If so, of which form will this cooperation take?

- "BİZ" is not an organization, party, NGO, or movement, it is a civic initiative platform, and therefore does not aim to unite with any socio-political institutions, to build relationships such as alliances, partnerships, or competition. Let us call it a brain center that is open to all segments of society and wants to mobilize society to work to solve the country's problems. At the same time, despite the fact that the founders are independent public figures, cooperation with individuals of different political affiliations can be established as experts at the individual level.

- The platform appeared on the eve of the political dialogue, which is often expressed by the government. By the way, it is worth asking that how do you plan to work with the government? Do you anyhow plan to negotiate with them? Or have there been any initial talks with the government as part of the political dialogue?

- If we are talking about the eve of the emergence of the platform, then let us clarify: it has nothing to do with dialogue, as I said, the basic reasons that prompted its creators were the current situation in the country and the dark prospects we saw. We plan to develop proposals, ideas, and concrete programs on ways to escape from this dark perspective. It is up to the government to decide whether to pay attention to them and accept them or not. It is possible to sit down and discuss something in a traditional way only if there is a political will to change the situation in the country. There does not seem to be such a will today.

- Again, I want to focus on the fact that some people among you and the creators are abroad. Because this question makes many people think. Do you have any support from the countries or international organizations you are in?

- No, there is no technical, financial, or political support, in short, there is no support. "BİZ" does not need any of them and there have been no discussions about it. As for whether many creators are abroad or in Azerbaijan, firstly, it is 50/50, and secondly, the fact that many activists of the country go abroad for various reasons is one of the socio-political realities of today's Azerbaijan. Despite all this, everyone agrees on one issue: the country's problems must be solved firstly within it and by its own people.

- Such platforms, organizations, and associations have been established in Azerbaijan and abroad, in recent and distant history. But none of this gained a particular success. After a certain period of time, they either became inactive or completely disappeared. How will you keep this platform alive?

- First of all, it is very gratifying that the creators of the platform understand and accept the responsibility for the work they started. Furthermore, if the platform will be interesting and useful for people, it means that it will live and develop. And this depends primarily on us. Despite the fact that we are only a few days old, we already feel the support of thousands of our compatriots; nevertheless, we accept this not as a privilege but as our responsibility. Today, the Azerbaijani society needs a broad discussion of the issues that concern it, determine its life, tomorrow, and future. Our claim is to carry out these discussions hand in hand with society. We are convinced that if society becomes more active, if our people increase their self-confidence, if they feel the strength to change their lives, it will be impossible not to take them into account. We are trying and will try this. This is the main task of "BİZ", and only then it will be the real "BİZ".

- Does the platform created in Azerbaijan during this crisis and whose main strength is almost outside the country have or will have the power and chance to get Azerbaijan out of this situation? If so, how will you get the country out of the current situation? Are you sure people will support you?

- As I mentioned above, "BİZ" is the platform not only of its creators but also of the whole nation. The absolute majority of the people are in the country, and its strength and potential are sufficient. When that power and potential is activated and directed towards the right goals, when "BİZ" reaches the goal of being the people's platform, there will be enough power and chances. "BİZ" sees the recovery of the country from the current situation in the deep and comprehensive reforms, the active participation of the population in the solution of all issues of vital importance to the country. We have received the necessary support for the start, and now it is important for our compatriots to support and contribute to the activation of themselves and the society in which they live. We are sure that this will happen but it is not only a matter of confidence but also hard work. We are ready for this; otherwise, we would not put our signature under such a work. As for our relations with society, I think it is necessary to emphasize one point here: our relations with our people will be transparent and sincere, which is a factor that society and we need now.

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