Act on ex-Presidents in force


President Ilham Aliyev signed a decree on the application of the constitutional law "On ensuring the ex-presidents of Azerbaijan and their families."

    Article 108 of the constitutional law defines the rules to ensure the ex-presidents and their families. Thus, the ex-President will receive a pension of 50% of the salary of the incumbent President.

    After the death of the ex-President his family will receive 50% of his pension.

    Medical maintenance set for state employees also applies to the former President and his family.

    In addition, the ex-president is provided by three bodyguards, a driver and a car.

    The ex-Presidents will be paid their representation costs in the amount of 20% of the salary of the incumbent President.

    The former President and his wife are issued life-long diplomatic passports.

    By law, the former President and his wife cannot be held administratively and criminally liable for the actions (or inaction) committed during the Presidency or before.

    Note that at present, Azerbaijan has only one ex-President - Ayaz Mutallibov, who has lived in exile in Moscow since 1992. He has already said he intends to return to the country in July. -03D0


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