Sevinc Osmanqızı

Sevinc Osmanqızı

Ali Muallim, I know that you follow my page, so you will see this too. I think the foul language and insults of your dishonest trolls on my Facebook page and on my channel in YouTube come from you.

It is you who organize, finance and direct them. Proof of this is a record number of troll attacks on my video of March 28 with criticism in your address.

Əli HəsənovIt's funny ou ththat yink you can influence public opinion with your trolls, whose profiles consist of one letter of the alphabet. It just proves your helplessness and the fact that you remain without public support. You complain about abuse and insults, and you finance a campaign of slander and insults.

Indeed you cannot lie and say that I spread abuse. In your words, "as a man," you should start fighting with yourself. I demand that you immediately recall the trolls paid by you and that you leave me, my page and my channel alone!"

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