Media Review September 16, 2019

The role of the state program in the development of regions, discussion of the likelihood of a sharp drop in oil prices, the effectiveness of the fight against the "shadow economy" and domestic violence are the current media themes.

The newspaper Azerbaijan writes about the role of state programs in the development of regions. After their adoption in 2004, thousands of small and medium-sized enterprises were opened in the regions. The head of state since then took part in the opening of 1800 infasuctural objects and laying their foundation.

The head of state signed up to 650 orders to accelerate the economic development of cities and regions.

The Yeni website discusses the fall in oil prices with expert Natig Jafarli. The article says that the state budget for 2020 is drawn up taking into account the cost of oil of $ 55 per barrel. However, it is believed that the price of oil will drop to $ 40. Natig Jafarli argues that the increase in oil prices is associated not with supply and demand, but with a clash of geopolitical interests.

The expert believes that the likelihood of a drop in oil prices to $ 40 is very likely. The expert approved the government"s decision to reduce the state budget, but $ 55 is also a risk.

The Yeni Musavat newspaper writes about the fight against the shadow economy with expert Rashad Hasanov. Failure to provide accurate information by the statistics authorities does not allow judging how successful the statements of the State Customs Committee and the Ministry of Taxes are regarding the fight against the shadow economy.

Statistics depend on political decisions and often the State Statistics Committee itself changes the data presented earlier. In addition, enterprises are instructed to provide distorted data.

The shadow economy has a high share in all sectors, but most of all, in retail trade and public catering. In these sectors, enterprises legalize at best 15-20% of the funds.

According to Hasanov, most of the goods put up for sale under the guise of imports are actually mostly local products. Therefore, the real volume of production does not fall into the statistics.

Legalization of the shadow economy requires a set of measures. The problem is that a significant part of the shadow sector is associated with bureaucratic business.

The website invokes the topic of domestic violence. According to the State Statistics Committee, in 2018, 915 women and 306 men suffered from domestic violence. However, judging by information from the media, the real number of victims is greater.

The Law on Prevention of Domestic Violence adopted in 2010 does not adequately solve the problem. Section 10 of the law provides for the issuance of a protection order to victims on a short-term and long-term basis. However, in practice this norm is rarely implemented. In 2017, only 34 of these warrants were issued to protect victims.

Executive structures do not have clear powers to ensure that violence against the victim does not recur, said expert Mehriban Zeynalova. -0-

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