Rusiyanın Xəzər donanmasının gəmi heyəti Azərbaycan Respublikasının Bakı limanına səfərə gəlib.

Rusiyanın Xəzər donanmasının gəmi heyəti Azərbaycan Respublikasının Bakı limanına səfərə gəlib.

Baku/20.09.21/Turan: Recently, warships of the Caspian Flotilla of the Russian Navy visited Baku with an unofficial visit. And on September 20, these ships left Azerbaijan.

The newsletter published by the Russian Ministry of Defense on September 18 notes that on September 17, three attacks on the posts of the armed formations of Nagorno-Karabakh were recorded in the Shusha direction. “According to the Armenian side, the fire was fired from the positions of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Azerbaijan. As a result of the shootout, two servicemen of the armed formations of Nagorno-Karabakh were wounded." The Azerbaijani Defense Ministry responded by expressing surprise and regret.

The department noted that the incident was investigated with the participation of Russian peacekeepers. “It was established that on the indicated date and in the indicated direction, our units did not open fire. It is not clear that information studied with the participation of both parties can subsequently be presented in a completely opposite form."

Some experts believe that these two events are not accidental at all, and behind this there is a discrepancy in assessing the situation between Azerbaijan and Russia. What's going on between Russia and Azerbaijan? What can this lead to?

Member of the Milli Majlis Committee on Defense, Security and Anti-Corruption Elman Mammadov told Turan that there is an issue of serious concern. “We must ask Russia why there are illegal Armenian armed formations on the territory of the independent Azerbaijan state? After all, these Armenian militants belong either to a separatist organization or to Armenia. Why do they find there, and whether it is worth discussing the question of whether they opened fire on them or not."

The committee member noted that Russian President Vladimir Putin signed the document on November 10 last year. "This document bears the signatures of three heads of state. Mr. Putin, if you respect your signature, follow the points of this document. In this document, Russia undertook a peacekeeping mission and, as an intermediary state, pledged to withdraw the Armenian troops stationed there from the territory of Azerbaijan."

According to him, almost a year has passed since the signing of the document, but it is not being observed. "Rather, they cooperate with illegal armed groups, patronize them, conduct exercises. They still make claims to us about why you opened fire on a criminal group."

Political analyst Arastun Orujlu said that the statement of the Russian Defense Ministry has both negative and positive sides. “It is clear from this statement that November 10 does not fulfill its obligations arising from the trilateral statement. One of these obligations was the withdrawal of Armenian military units from the territory of Azerbaijan. And in this statement Russia openly says that there are Armenian armed formations in Karabakh”.

According to him, this is an open phase of tension between Azerbaijan and Russia. One of Russia's main expectations from the 44-day war was the seizure of important corridors and communications in the region. The talk is about  the Lachin, Ganja and Zangezur corridors. Now Russia controls only the Lachin corridor. And this not only does not ensure the geopolitical interests of Russia, but also does not meet its needs."

The expert believes that Azerbaijan did not compromise with Russia in gaining control over important communications. "Even partner countries such as Turkey and Pakistan, and possibly other great powers, do not allow her to take this step. This also creates tension. And the statement that the Azerbaijani armed forces were the first to open fire is a threat to Azerbaijan." ...

According to the political scientist, Russia will increase pressure on Azerbaijan. “She will take steps outside Karabakh as well. Russia will also try to create a military conflict in Karabakh.” --0--


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