The European Union holds the 1st virtual cultural Festival in Azerbaijan

Baku/05.05.20/Turan: On the very special occasion of the 70th anniversary of the Schuman Declaration, a major event which is a part of the history of the European integration, the European Union Delegation to Azerbaijan, in partnership with the Embassies of the EU Member States is happy to announce the conduct of the 4th   IMAGINE Euro Tolerance Festival 2020, which for the first time will be in digital format. 

Due to the coronavirus (COVID-19), the EU Delegation won’t be able to run its traditional IMAGINE Euro Tolerance Festival in its traditional format but decided instead to hold it in a virtual format bringing different cultural activities to Azerbaijani homes. This year’s particular topic will be solidarity, such an important value these days.

In this edition of IMAGINE Euro Tolerance Festival 2020, several musical groups, musicians and singers from various parts of the world, who have already been to Baku or planned to visit in 2020, will dedicate a song for Baku and Azerbaijan in a special musical programme under the name “One Song for Baku”. This is a way of showing solidarity with the Azerbaijani people. This rich and very varied musical programme will go live on 9 May, which is also known as “Europe Day” or “Schuman Day”. Other concerts will include a live concert of the Chilean-Belgian tenor and soprano saxophonist and composer Marcelo Moncada on 12 May and Brasilidade group with musicians from different parts of the world playing together on 15 May.

On 9 May, in the “Forum of Ideas” activists, think tankers, experts from different parts of the world will share their views and insights on the topic “How is Covid 19 shaping Europe and international relations”. Through short thought-provoking videos they will cover topics, like how Covid-19 may change our life, global political, economic and social order, how Europe will come out of this unprecedented crisis.

During the virtual exhibitions, renowned photographers from France, the Netherlands and Russia will guide viewers through the most important photos they took in their professional life and will explain the background. The Festival programme will also include a small cycle of the unique experimental films produced by the European film directors in the period of self-isolation and confinement which prove that confinement cannot limit the creativity.

Concerts, debates, masterclasses, poetry events, arts exhibitions, film screenings, there will be something for everybody to enjoy and entertain.

The IMAGINE Euro Tolerance Festival will be accessible from web-site or -0-


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